This blog is about the best Shade Structures in Phoenix for Playground Equipment.

Shade covers for playgrounds with uv ray protection

Shade covers for playgrounds with uv ray protection are a great addition to any play area because they offer UV ray protection for kids. With the advent of global warming and escalating temperatures world wide. Playgrounds have become hotter and more dangerous for... read more

Shade for outdoor school functions

Hold Your PTA Meetings Outside With a Shade Canopy Regular PTA meetings are necessary to keep a school running smoothly. When parents and teachers work together, there is a greater connection between the school and the community. For some schools, the best place to... read more

Why it’s important to provide shade over playgrounds

Recess is a fundamental part of a child’s school day, allowing students to get outside, exercise, and burn off some built-up energy. During the warmest months of the year, however, playground structures can become somewhat hazardous to the health of kids. Utilizing a... read more