Installing abilities of a shade structure vary dependent on size. Shade ‘N Net has a network of dealers in most major cities who are competent and experienced to handle your shade structure installations. Our area representatives will call in at your premises by arrangement and inspect your site, measure and install your shade structure.

We also offer easy D.I.Y. installation instructions for small to medium size shade structures with a step-by-step guide for an effortless install which most handymen with basic construction experience can follow. However, self-installation while saves costs will not be eligible for our warranty.

Personnel required to install a shade canopy

A typical 12’ x 60’ shade structure installation will require at least two people to complete and usually takes two to three hours depending on footing requirements.


Shade structures are either installed on a concrete surface as a ‘bolt-down’, or ‘in-ground’ on asphalt or dirt. Shade awning columns are installed in a pre-dug hole 12” in diameter x 2 feet deep filled with fresh concrete. Surrounding areas may be filled with grass or plants to soften area surrounding. While different length poles may be ordered to cater for gradients it is best to modify ground surface rather than have different pole sizes.

Cables for Shade Canopy

We usually provide for installation tensions at 20% of the ultimate strength of the cable. Not Advisable to affix shade structure to side of house.