Shade canopies have been used in various applications at sports facilities and schools for years and recently have seen the advent of use in shade for outdoor roller hockey rinks. This new market demand has given rise to roller hockey shade canopies and give players relief from the harsh UV rays of the sun.
Players may now have extended play hours allowing more practice time under cool shaded sports canopies. Our shade canopies protect players from up to 95% UV protection and reduce the risk of dehydration and heat exhaustion.
Frequently asked questions about our wide span shade structures used in sports facilities are that due to their extreme span shade structure sizes if they are strong enough to withstand high winds? They certainly are, our shade canopies are engineered to withstand winds from 80-120 mph winds depending on municipal code.

Sports complex architects are designing sports parks with shade provision responding to community awareness of skin cancer risks from overexposure. We provide shade structure design assistance to Architects assisting with shade design and installation procedures.

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