Offering extreme span shade coverage for multi-sports facilities in the following configurations:

4-Column super span shade structure

6-Column super span shade structure

up to 5,500 square feet

up to 9,800 square feet

4 column lengths up to 74’

6 column lengths up to 74’

Widths up to 74’

Widths up to 74’

Entry height up to 18’

Entry height up to 18’

The perfect solution for year round outdoor basketball fun is now possible with our extreme span basketball shade structures. Whether you need school basketball covers or shade for basketball courts for YMCA’s or shade for MWR training facilities or general sports shade at recreational centers, our 4-column extreme span shade canopies covering up to 5,500 square feet will protect your players 12 months of the year. For larger shade covers we offer a 6-column extreme span shade structure giving ample coverage up to 9,800 square feet.
Outdoor basketball covers have become very popular over recent years and came about due to market interest to provide sun safe solutions to protect players and reduce dehydration and heat exhaustion incidence. As our outdoor basketball canopies prove their integrity in the elements more and more architects are designing sports facilities with shade specified in design. Rising concerns on the risk of skin cancer due to overexposure to the sun’s UV rays has also given rise to public expectations for sun safe measures in park and recreational facilities. Another contrubuting factor is the trend for more outdoor activities for children in an effort to reduce childhood obesity. Together these environmental and health concerns are adding to more use of sun/UV protection with our shade structures, shade sails and canopies being part of the landscape today.
Outdoor basketball court shade covers are manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene with the UV pellets included in the extrusion process of shade netting manufacture. This superior process gives industrial strength to the canopy covers enabling our shade structures to withstand UV degradation from rotting, mildew or fading for a period of minimum 10 years. Furthermore, our superior engineering gives strength through substantial columns and footings warranted up to 20 years on steel structure. With these assurances your facility will not only have a beautiful aesthetic colorful shade cover but a solid strong shade solution that are available with wind load changes 80-120 miles per hour wind depending on municipal code. Players will enjoy cool shaded environments from 15-30 degrees cooler.

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