The popularity of skate parks has increased dramatically in the past ten years giving much enjoyment and recreation to both children and adults. With this rise in interest we have seen a simultaneous rise in shade requirements for skate parks. Whether it is to offer skate park shade structures to players at different skateboarding elements or to provide bleacher shade for spectators our various sizes and models are a perfect solution to give sun/UV protection throughout your skate park.
Choose from our cantilever shade structure model for bleacher covers and reduce the use of steel posts offering maximum maneuvarbility and usage. Should your require larger areas to be covered our 4-column wide span or 6-column super span shade canopy will allow maximum cover up to 9,800 square foot.
Are our shade structures more economical than steel roof shade solutions? Not only are shade canopies more economical they are also much more effective due to their porous net quality of 40% permeability. This shade netting feature allows hot air to escape and provides a cooler cushion underneath further enhancing the comfort added to the health safety features of our shade canopies.

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