Is your tennis club looking for tennis bleacher canopies? Look no further, we have a perfect solution that provides excellent sun/UV protection for your club members. As our communities become more conscious of overexposure Sun/UV risks that increase risks of skin cancer the public are expecting sun safe measures at public facilities. Our tennis bleacher covers address these concerns by providing UV/Sun protection by up to 95%. Click here to find out more about how this is possible?.
Your tennis club members will enjoy sun protection under cool shade canopies and enjoy watching their favorite sports and players under bleacher awnings. Increase sports and tennis spectator participation and boost club membership by giving improved amenities through shaded bleachers.
Cantilever bleacher shade structures use less steel posts allowing more maneuverability and obstruction free viewing.

For a more economical solution try our 4-post standard shade structures which will give you ample shade that meets your budget.

Our wrap around bleacher covers are an ideal for solutions that offer tandem configurations allowing less steel posts used further reducing costs and offering additional shade quotient per shade structure.

To see what colors we have available for your tennis court bleacher shade structure click here.

Contact us and one of our area representatives will be in touch with you to discuss your specific bleacher cover needs and budget.