Volleyball is a fun outdoor recreational sport, but what fun is it with the hot sun beating down upon? In response to market demand we have designed a pre-engineered extreme span 4-column and 6-column shade cover that easily fits standard volleyball court sizes and gives ample shade covers and sun/UV protection throughout the year.
Offering extreme span shade coverage for multi-sports facilities in the following configurations:

4-Column super span shade structure

6-Column super span shade structure

up to 5,500 square feet

up to 9,800 square feet

4 column lengths up to 74’

6 column lengths up to 74’

Widths up to 74’

Widths up to 74’

Entry height up to 18’

Entry height up to 18’

Up until recent years outdoor volleyball courts were only usable at certain times of the year due to overexposure risk due to harsh UV rays of the sun. With health concerns due to rising skin cancer statistics communities are practicing safe sun measures and requiring outdoor sports court covers to give athletes as much sun protection as possible. Outdoor volleyball court shade canopies are an ideal way to reduce overexposure and risks and give up to 95% UV protection.

Are our commercial grade shade structures safe in high wind areas? Certainly, we offer warranty from 80-120 mph winds depending on municipal code. Our sports shade structures are reputed to be amongst the best in the industry having stood the test of time backed by our long list of satisfied customers. We have been servicing most school districts with school canopies and the US Military proving the integrity and sturdiness of our shade canopies.

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